Who We Are

Blukudu helps established organisations and governments to explore the potential of new technology firms to address complex business problems. We work across the technology sector, including companies specialising in Cyber security, IoT, Fintech, Marketing tech, Digital identify, Applied manufacturing and PropTech.

We are hybrid marketing-technology change agents. We bring together decades of sector knowledge, our extensive network of industry specialists and new technology companies, matched to the needs of corporates and governments. We design innovation strategies tailored to your business growth agenda, source, introduce and facilitate engagement with digitally advanced startups, scale-ups and SMEs, helping you to develop mutually beneficial commercial relationships, increase sales and exports, and better connect with target markets. We offer strategic advice alongside hands-on planning and delivery in the way our clients need it – flexibly and cost efficiently.

Our Approach


It is our unique combination of corporate experience, gained over decades with top tier brands, our government work, and years of direct involvement with startups, incubators, accelerators and technology ecosystems that makes our experts different.

We believe strongly that there is no one-size-fits-all solution: We work with each of our clients to identify the opportunities and challenges in their specific business and turn these into quantifiable and sustainable outcomes.

Our depth of experience gives us a keen understanding of the strategic priorities, complexities and growth needs of industry, whether fintech or other sectors like space and manufacturing, publishing and security.

We are fully aware of the balancing act companies face, wanting to increase market share, introduce new products and services, and break into new markets. Resources are finite, budgets are limited and return on investment is essential. We understand change is needed yet difficult to achieve. We help to balance strategic priorities with the openness to risk, failure and learning required when working with new technology firms.

Our intensive work with startups and growth companies in the UK and overseas has armed our experts with an additional, alternative perspective and skill set.

Our work with governments and their agency partners leverages our corporate and startup experience to create both trade and investment opportunities.

We work as an extension of our clients’ teams, using our expertise to augment in-house capabilities when and for as long as our clients need. We also provide additional specialist support through our Blukudu Associate Network and external partnerships.

Our Expertise

Improving how companies strategise, market and shape opinion
Business Development
Combining creativity with commercial focus to generate growth opportunities
Corporate-Startup Engagement
Orchestrating innovation, de-risking technology adoption, rejuvenating corporate culture, diversifying
Delivery and Enablement
Creating real change within your business
Financial Services
Understanding the complexities of financial services and fintech
Achieving significantly improved return on innovation investment