Our Services

  • Strategy We create clarity about the opportunities/risks of working with new tech firms & the right way to drive institutional change
  • Orchestration We unlock the strategic benefit of interacting with startups. We create bespoke growth opportunities for both sides
  • Curation We find and match you to the right startups. We ensure you derive maximum trade & investment value
  • Enablement We drive innovation and sales excellence. We get startups market & investor-ready. We help to rejuvenate corporate culture

We Develop Sustainable Growth Opportunities

Blukudu Services

Blukudu specialises in curating and optimising business, trade and investment opportunities between established organisations and young technology companies.

The role corporates and governments play in driving economic growth through their engagement with startups is our primary focus and we intimately understand the dynamics involved.

We have been providing digital consulting and corporate-startup engagement services for years – longer than most ‘Big5’ consultancies. We have deep and broad knowledge of the opportunities, risks and methodologies involved.

These services leverage our unique combination of corporate experience and years of working with governments and their agency partners, startups, incubators, accelerators and entrepreneur ecosystems, and deliver high value returns for our clients.

Examples of client projects:

  • Innovation strategy design for corporates;
  • Assessment of effectiveness of innovation programmes and return on innovation spend;
  • Design and delivery of government fintech trade missions;
  • Curation & scheduling of 100+ B2B introductions between corporates and overseas startups;
  • Pitch and investor-ready training for corporate accelerator programmes;
  • Creation of 3-year marketing strategy for Series A fundraise;
  • Government-sponsored market-readiness workshop for scaleup firms;
  • Go-to-market planning for overseas firm expanding internationally.


Strategy services
We help you to be clear where your institutional strengths and opportunities lie, what is going on in your market and what’s around the corner. We explain the types of startup engagement options that exist, how they differ, which ones will improve the speed and impact of transformation, and evaluate your current programmes.
We ensure corporates and governments identify the right technology companies to work with. We source and qualify startups, leveraging our extensive network and ruthlessly disqualifying those that are too early stage or the wrong fit. We match the right startups to your specific strategic goals, facilitate introductions to the right decision-makers and creatively curate quantifiable business opportunities in the UK and overseas. And we help growth companies to scale.

Combining strategy with our curation services, we design and deliver corporate-startup engagement projects that unlock the strategic benefit of engaging with new technologies, e.g. accelerator programmes, lab and innovation service design.

We design and facilitate overseas trade missions for governments that create sales, growth opportunities and exports.

We provide the essential bridge and translation that enables successful collaboration where culture, ways of working and outlook are so different. Our methodology is proven to speed up engagement, increase successful institutional change and significantly improve return on investment. Startups hone their product-market fit, gain vital commercial exposure and access to hard-to-reach clients.
Enablement services
We deliver trade and business development services and analysis:
  • Executive briefings;
  • Board innovation seminars;
  • Evaluation of innovation strategy
  • Pitch & investor-ready training;
  • UK market-readiness workshops for overseas firms;
  • Talks and events;
  • …and other practical, business-focused trade and development services.